Shadow Mod Archive

NBA 2K12 DevilMayCry 3 Shadow Mod

Author: Kool `em -Hex sweat reflection -Default 3D Model -Default Muscle -Lagoa's Progressive sweat v3, Black/White accessories socks -Lagoa's Headband -BBMyLove Adidas Arm Sleeve -MGX's Hex Pad Pressure Shorts -Dmayne's DRose calf sleeve (replaces striped socks) -JoeJames Improved NBA Logo -McDavid Mid/Half calf sleeve

NBA 2K12 Superglobal Cryptonym Blast V6.3 & Shadow Mod V3

Author: Kool `em Global contents: -gOry's 3D model bodytweaks and accessories -seanjohn1414's Avengers Shadow Mod v3 -ThreeQ/3Q's arm padded sleeve and short arm sleeve -BBmyLove's Adidas arm sleeve -Lagoa's Black n White accesories and headband -JoeJames Better Nba Logo -Collision's knee hex padded sleeve

NBA 2K12 DhiJay's Cryptonym Blast V6 & Shadow Mod

Author: DhiJay23 Features: ?Avengers Shadow Mod by SJ1414 ?New TNT Image in Menu Page ?Lagoa's Black/white accessories ?ThreeQ/3Q short arm sleeve ?TNeckDMe sweat ?Knee pad imported from 2k11 ?Knee HexPad/sleeve imported from 2k11 ?tatlopuyo's HEX ball and floor reflection ?Jordan LegSleeve imported from 2k11

NBA 2K12 One Hit Combo Shadow Mod V3

Author: Kool `em Update global Features: This Shadow Mod v3 has more shadow on it better than v2 **Sweat changed **Only shadow Mod and sweat has been updated here Note: All mentioned above are not mine(a big big thanks to all of the authors