Small Update on NBA 2K12 PC Patch

Ronnie has answered a question on Twitter regarding the official patch for NBA 2K12 PC. Although he does not provide an ETA, he notably mentions that the patch is currently with QA.

PC Patch is with QA. The roster update his last night on PC as well, just have to manually click Refresh Roster

Hopefully, this means the PC patch is not too far away. In previous years, delays have arisen with the PC patch due to a lack of coordination with digital distributors, resulting in an inability to push the patch through for fear of causing problems with online play. The patch for NBA 2K11 PC was ultimately released in early February and it seems we’re looking at a similar timeframe this year.

NBA 2K12 Brooklyn Nets Jerseys Patches

Author: z_dize

These are concept jerseys of the Brooklyn Nets. These jersey replaces the original New Jersey Nets' original Home, Away and New York (light blue) alternate so please back up your files. These should work well and look well with Mythbuster's Brooklyn court concept.



Download Links:

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