NBA 2K12 Indiana Pacers Conseco Fieldhouse Court Patches

Author: sixers85

BEST RESULT WITH COLOR GAME MODE ON YOUR MONITOR ( if you have a monitor with colors mode )

it's not the best court that i have make..a lot of problem, bugs and 3d modification

fix colors, parquet, logos and 3d modeling for a ipotetical real fieldhouse

stadium ( thanks to leon40 for some texture and se7six for daktronicks)

crowd custom ( thanks to tneckdme for the base)

note: there is a bug on texture parquet caused by 3d modification



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NBA 2K12 Superglobal Codename Moose v1

Author: leftos

Updated skin textures, coach suits and accessories by TNeckDME, using v4
Progressive sweat by Michaelvlutz49, using v3
TNT Mod by Sixers85, using v2
Accessories by Gory
D. Rose style Ankle Brace
Adidas Half Calf Sleeve
Jordan Calf Sleeve now replaced with J.R. Smith style one
Adidas Techfit Am Sleeve
NBA socks
Non-global additions
TNT Scoreboard by NBA2KWay



NBA 2K12 Memphis Grizzlies FedEX Arena Court Patches

Author: Leon40

- Stadium closer to reality with the real sponsors, real backboard and many new details.
- Real dornas with two versions: electronic texture or canvas texture.
- Floor : alternate logo near paint removed like in reality (or version with it if you prefer), new parquet texture (credit to Sixers85 for base).




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