NBA 2K12 Superglobal Codename Moose v2

Author: leftos

Updated skin textures, coach suits and accessories by TNeckDME, using v4
Progressive sweat by Michaelvlutz49, using v3
TNT Experience Mod by Sixers85, using v2
Accessories by Gory

D. Rose style Ankle Brace (only works properly with white as a color)
Adidas Half Calf Sleeve
Jordan Calf Sleeve now replaced with J.R. Smith style one
Adidas Techfit Arm Sleeve (more…)

NBA 2K12 solovoy's Portraits Pack 4.0

Author: solovoy

More than 80 missing portraits all with white/grey jerseys. Plus more than 160 legends team's missing portraits. TURK Script for reditor included so you can make this compatible to any roster (tested with Kova Comeback Complete Roster, Albys RR 1.6 and last Official Rosters). Also compatible with UAR Rosters.

Note: I always try to find the best picture in position and size; but with some legend's it was almost impossible to find a good picture or even a picture. I made my best, I'm pretty happy with some of them but with others is the only I could do.

TURK Script in extra info.



Download Links:

NBA Street 2K12 V4.0

Author: JaoSming

This mod does NOT overwrite anything in NBA 2K12. You can play NBA Street 2K12 alongside the default 2K12 with no conflicts.

v4.0 Update
Updated Rosters & Uninjured All Players
Added Shadows for the Baskets on Daylight Courts
Created Custom Shadows to Replace the Tree Shadows on Rooftop
Added a New Secondary Uniform for all NBA Teams
Added Specialty Dunks for all Players with DNK Rating of 50+

NBA 2K12 Hornets New Orleans Arena Court Patches

Author: Leon40

New Orleans Hornets pack :

- Stadium closer to reality with the real sponsors, real backboard (just added the Cox logo at the empty bottom) and many new details.
- Real electronic dornas, with the real Chevron logo on the sides.
- Floor : tone and color of the logo and wordmark changed, new parquet texture (credit to Sixers85 for base).



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