NBA 2K9 Headshape Modding 3D Tool



Yes, you can use 3ds Max 9 to edit the headshape modz !

Cool , thanks zsword to make so great tool!


Translated by Showfom.


Sorry for my bad English, because I?ve never used 3DS MAX,so I don?t know how to use it, I just translate it. Make and research it by yourself.





File format:
.n2kf the subfiles of nba 2k9 iff files.
.n2km the exported files of moddings.

put into Autodesk\3ds Max 9\Scripts\Startup. Right click on the blank of the toolbar. Choose Custom  /  NBA2K-MODEL.  Left click and drag Edit_N2KM to the blank of the toolbar.A button "Edit_N2KM" will appear.


Download Links & more information:










Download Links:

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