NBA 2K9 All Hidden Codes

How to type them:

Main -->features ?> codes

What?s the codes:


2ksports???? ----------?? 2K Sports Team
payrespect ------------? ABA Ball
nba2k??????? ------------? NBA Development Team
llmohffaae?? ------------? Superstars team
vcteam?????? ------------? Visual Concepts Team
2kchina?????? ------------ 2K China Team


agtaccsinr --------[Bobcats race day Uniforms ]
cpares ----------[Pacers secondary road uniforms]
amcnreo----------[Cavaliers and SuperSonics Valentine's Day Uniforms]
haeitgyebs-----------[2008 All-Star Uniforms]
uclerehanp---------[Bulls, Celtics, Knicks, and Raptors St. Patrick Day Uniforms]
llaveyfonus?? -?? [2009 ALL-Star Uniforms]

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