NBA 2K14 Superheroes Mod: Justice League vs The Avengers


Author: MGX

Ever felt the urge to be a superhero? Well, now you can! At least in NBA 2K14. MGX, a game modder who also made the Marvel vs. DC mod for last year's NBA2K has managed to convert some files. His first project for NBA 2K14 PC called Avengers vs. Justice League consists of two teams with 25 super heroes.

Mod Features
- 25 unique superhero cyber face files
- 2 teams: The Avengers and Justice League
- Custom court with Comic-Con logos
- Red and blue jerseys with team logos
- Assigned some in-game edited shoes

NBA 2K14 DC's Justice League Roster

The Flash (SF)
Man of Steel - Superman (SG)
Dark Knight - Batman (PG)
Green Lantern (PF)
Cyborg (C)
Firestorm (PG)
Martian Manhunter (PF)
Wonder Woman (SF)
Shazam (PF)
Robin (SF)
Green Arrow (SG)
Atom Smasher (C)

NBA 2K14 Marvel's The Avengers Roster

The Incredible Hulk (C)
The Amazing Spider-Man (SF)
Tony Stark as Iron Man (PF)
Logan as Wolverine (SF)
Hawkeye (SG)
Captain America (SG)
Iceman from X-Men (PF)
Black Panther (PF)
Thing from Fantastic Four (C)
The Black Widow (SF)
God of Thunder - Thor (PG)
Cyclops from X-Men (PG)
Beast from X-Men (C)






Download Links:

mediafire or mega

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