NBA 2K13 Draft Class 2013v5 & 2014v3

Author: Aderito

@derito NBA 2K Draft Class 2013v5 & 2014 v3 updates Features:
-Dario Saric moved to 2014 class
-Changed CF's ID's of Trey Burke and Alex Poythress
-Updated ratings & potentials

@derito NBA 2K Draft Class 2013v5 & 2014 v3 Features:
-Updated some CF's;
-Updated ratings & potentials;
-Updated positions;
-Added Some players;
-Accurate players numbers;
-All players correct High School/Country;
-Updated Height and Weight for all Prospects;
-Accurate Tendencies (2013);
-Accurate accessories and colors;
-Accurate Hotspots;
-Removed all Signatures Skills to all prospects;
-All Players have the correct dunk packages and rookie layups;
-All players have correct Birth Date;
-All players have their correct Strengths & Weaknesses;
-Players morale problem fixed;
-Players problem of not winning the anual awards on their first season in the NBA fixed;
-Updated Muscle Tones, Skin Tones, and Body Types;
-Solved the problem of having the same player repeated in 2013 and 2014 draft;



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