NBA 2K12 Ultimate Base Roster V20

Author: Hawk23



  • 4 new teams added: 99 Rockets, 96 Kings, 81 Rockets, and 2012-2013 Rookies Team #2
  • A second team of rookies has been added. There are now 34 total future rookies available to play/assign to any team you would like (Davis, Robinson, Beal, Barnes, Kidd-Gilchrist, Drummond, Waiters etc). 28/34 rookies have cyberfaces (courtesy NBA2K12 community) and ALL 34 of them have portraits (I did those).
  • Added the Bobcats new logo, new jerseys, and added Mike Dunlap (with portrait) as coach. I made their other jerseys as options to use as retros if you select them.
  • Added 11 new sets of real retro jerseys and assigned them to appropriate teams (55 Pistons, 58 Hawks, 50’s/60’s Royals, 60/65 Celtics, 67 Warriors, 70 Bullets, 74 Pistons, 82 Nuggets, 93 Clippers). Some jerseys were also touched up. Jersey updates courtesy Brenzon/ChrisBrodbeck.
  • Added 55+ new portraits (15 more rookies, legendary coaches, retro players etc) & 25+ new cyberfaces.
  • Multiple player tweaks and editing big men who were dribbling the ball up the court were fixed.

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