NBA 2K12 Ultimate Base Roster V12

Ultimate Base Roster V12 [213 Retro / Legend / Current Teams]

• Updated the Current NBA Teams to the latest Official NBA2K Update (4/21/12) [I added Mike James to the Bulls]
• Fixed 9 starting big men throughout the Retro Teams that were bringing the ball down the court
• Added 5 players to the All-Time Kings, 1 player to the All-Time Pacers, and 1 player to the All-Time Clippers
• Added 3 players to the FA Legends / Role Players List (Jay Williams, Walt Williams, Lionel Simmons)
• Edited 27 players to give them the correct “handedness” from “Right Hand” to “Left Hand”
• Updated various Retro Player team accessories

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: I highly recommend going to the rotations menu and reviewing the All-Time Franchise Team rotations before playing. Since all teams have 15-20 players it's important that you go and select which players you want on your 12 man team that will be eligible to play in your game. Remember some teams have as many as 8 IR spots because I gave these teams extended rosters.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: You may notice that the Retro Team "OVERALLS" that show up at the Quick Play Screen are out of whack - just ignore it - it doesn't affect game play at all.

IMPORTANT NOTE #3: Because I've mirrored some players onto the All-Franchise Teams there is one negative consequence. When you go into the Rotations Menu I HIGHLY recommend that you don't scroll through the Specific Year Retro Teams as you will be constantly asked to "update this team's rotation minutes". The game play still works perfectly and substitutions are made correctly, however because some players are mirrored onto the All-Franchise teams the game gets confused and will constantly ask you to change their minute rotations. So a word of advice: Only scroll through the Current NBA Teams and/or the All-Time Franchise Teams when entering the rotation menu.

IMPORTANT NOTE #4: Any/all questions, suggestions, comments, complaints regarding putting teams or using teams in Association or Season/Playoff mode will be ignored.


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