NBA 2K12 Superglobal Cryptonym Blast 6.2 & Real Skin Tone Sweat V7

Author: Kool `em

Global Updates:

New NbaTNT logo big big thanks to sixers85
real skin tone/sweat v7 credits to michaelvluts49
Lagoa's black and white headband
Adidas ankle brace credits to Maykol

Previous Update

-New TNT Image in Menu Page credits
-Lagoa's Black/white accessories
-gory's arm sleeve
-ThreeQ/3Q arm pad sleeve, short arm sleeve
-BBmyLove adidas arm sleeve
-TNeckDMe's sweat
-Boozer/Nene calf sleeve
-Knee pad imported from 2k11
-knee hex pad/sleeve imported from 2k11
-tatlopuyo's HEX ball and floor reflection
-jordan leg sleeve imported from 2k11
-adidas leg sleeve credits to gory
-adidas arm wrap imported from 2k11
-JoeJames Better NBA logo



Download Links:

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