NBA 2K12 Missing Legends v1.06

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credit goes to HAWK23, STOMPTHECOURT, AmaroWaade, Yang, MGX, ma773,, mrbunch, people on 2Kshare, Alec Zhou for his NBA 2K12 tools, Jaosming, Mr.Xcitement96, kc2135, alleb anehtam mendoza, JemiZhuu for the 2K Mod Tool which was very helpful, and of course Moddingway for hosting my projects......

Yao Ming, Reggie Miller, and Stephon Marbury cyberfaces are all made by me...

i'll upload Tupac Shakur too in a later time....

to install place all .iff files in nba 2k12 folder then put either missing legends.tmm or roster.ros in C:UsersownerAppDataRoaming2K SportsNBA 2K12Saves then load them up to play these missing legends.......if your pc can't find the directory just go to run then type %appdata% and go to 2k sports folder then go to saves folder and put the roster.ros or missing legends.tmm file there.......

changelog v1.02

-added new legends

*Nick Van Exel
*Dan Majerle
*Jalen Rose
*Tom Chambers
*Antoine Walker
*Glen Rice
*Steve Smith

-added proper portraits
-tweaked signature moves
-tweaked attributes
-fixed black arms of some legends
-additional legends in free agents in roster.ros

additional credits to 2kshare and the people who uploaded some of the legends included in here.

I have placed cyberfaces on all legends...some legends in free agents have generic cyberfaces from cap enjoy!!!!

changelog v1.03

-released some legends in the "Missing Legends" team to give room to other legends
-custom legend teams from HAWK23 and 2KShare has been added to the roster file
-updated Stephon Marbury's cyberface
-you can now choose which cyberface of Allen Iverson you want to use
-Antoine Walker arm fix now included
-organized files for easy installing
-added special dunks to T-Mac, Charles Barkley, and Steve Francis
-changed Reggie Miller's shot signature to that of Danny Granger's

changelog v1.04

-included optional Larry Hughes with braids by kc2135
-included a better Yao Ming cyberface by Mr.Xcitement96
-tweaked all ages to be 19 yrs. of age so you can enjoy them in "Association Mode" through customizing the league

changelog v1.05

-defense attribute boost of players through playing "Association Mode"
-tweaked special dunks
-added dunk package "Athletic Guard" to Larry Hughes
-tweaked attributes through association development and training camps
-included BBMyLove's version of Allen Iverson
-returned .ros file due to comment
-added all of HAWK23's Classic Teams in .ROS file including Missing Legends (Download HAWK23's logos separately in his latest classic team mods)
-.ros file provided by alleb anehtam mendoza

changelog v1.06

-as promised I added a team logo for the missing goes to HAWK23 for placing the logo for me
-the logo is compatible with all of HAWK23's classic teams
-tweaked dunk attribute of Larry Hughes and replaced signature dunk package from athletic guard to that of Monta Ellis' dunk package
-added signature two handed dunks to Larry Hughes
-attribute boosts to players (their attributes are not at base level so you may find their attributes extremely high)
-team attributes are now 99 in all aspects (off:99 def:99 ovr:99)
-changed uniforms to jersey 10
-changed team colors for it not to be too bright
-added 2008 03-04 Pistons,2008 Redeem Team, and 2011-2012 USA National Team in roster(.ros) file
-added leg sleeve to Tracy McGrady
-added high band to Allen Iverson and changed accesory colors to black

what to expect in v1.07

-base attribute version of all players will be included






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