NBA 2K12 ESPN Portrait Patches

Author: utp1985

use this Albys Roster:

ESPN Portrait Patch.

-All my portraits are from
-They are a litle smaller in the game, for no covering the logo and the players number.
-All active players & rookies have their portrait (exept Cory Joseph)
-All portraits are added one-by-one with hand

-Some rookies portrait overwrited some old I highly recomand you to use this roster. I think soon Alby will refresh his download link to be compatible with this. When 2k will release a final roster will make this compatible for all rosters

-Just use the roster what i inclide in the patch... this is the same Alby's roster just the rookies are asigned to their portraits

-The portrait will fit in the dialogbox when u use the situation mod in roster menu
-Dont panic. If a player will come or will be signed....i will add his new portrait. This will be up to date. ( Jeff Green already in freeagents, Greg Stiemsma signed. ... on-celtics <---reference)

-Make a backup from your portrait.iff , portrait_hi.iff, portrait.cdf, portrait_hi.cdf, and roster before u use this.






Download Links:

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