NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #1 & New HD ScreenShots

2K Sports has just posted their first NBA 2K12 Developer Insight of the year, as they go over the marketing and community efforts they have planned. New have been included!

It’s my favorite time of year, as we’re now just 53 days away from launch and, like many of you, this time of year feels like the holidays. We’re going to be BIG this year with constant news from here until launch so be sure to stay up-to-date on all the hot new stuff we’re bringing to you this year.

I remember that, over the course of the spring, I would get the two questions time and time again: 1) how does NBA 2K12 outdo Michael Jordan as cover athlete and 2) how does it follow-up on it’s critical acclaim in terms of gameplay? Both questions have been on everyone’s mind since the success of last year’s game, which saw us sell more than 5 million copies and win 20 “Sports Game of the Year” awards from various publications. And they’re fair, because 2K11 was undoubtedly the best basketball game ever released in the eyes of this (maybe somewhat biased) observer.

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