NBA 2K12 DaRoster V3 USAB Update(08.01 )

Author: davoor

Changes made:
1) Fixed My Player
2) Fixed Hall of Fame
3) Team USA added with this years Olympic roster (current jerseys made by Tha King; I don't know who made the retro jerseys, court made by AmaroWaade, crowd also by Tha King (I think), logos made by me)
4) Added CF for Kent Bazemore by Kieran, Mike Scott and Kevin Murphy made by tree55292
5) Up to date moves, signings

A huge thanks to to DukeW74 (helped a lot and I mean a lot with USAB, he also fixed My Player and the Hall of Fame), Leftos (helped with editing the CAP headshapes) and Albys (helped with editing some player stats). Again I'm greatful to all of you, you really helped a lot







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