NBA 2K11 The Remix

Author: Hawks Phan

Created by Hawks Phan. This is a "remix of the the video I released a few days ago, NBA 2K11 Push for the Playoffs.

I changed the song, I've used it before but it was for a 2k10 video, so I dont think it matters. I added in a bunch of footage that I was going to use for another video, so about a third of the video is completely new. I also took out some clips I didn't like, sped up the tempo, and did some minor editing as well. So it's almost like a new video, and a much improved one imo.

Anyhow, all the mods in this video only work on the PC version of 2k11. They wont work on the 360/ps3. The mods are the custom gear, shoes, cyberfaces, courts etc. that people often ask me about, and again, only work on the PC.

For those who have 2k11 on the PC I used the threeq protective gear global, with some edits of my own, added in gory's sweat and a few other things. The shadow mod was the latest edition (shadow mod 9) and I used the Mortal Kombat 3 photomod. Thanks to Johndoe for both. As well, thanks to everyone at, especially Jao, and everyone at

I'm working on a NCAA 2K11 Video right now, and will have a teaser trailer out soon.


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