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NBA 2K13 Denver - Pepsi Center Court Patches

Author: Sixers85 This updates the Pepsi Center, home of the Denver Nuggets. - Fixed 3D sideline structure (lines and more big logos) - Fixed colors, logos and parquet - Updated stadium (thanks to leon40 and se7six for sponsors and daktronicks) - Real NBA Backboard

NBA 2K13 UJP Jersey Patches 1.0

Author: iamLillard The jerseys filename are defined like this: a: away h: home x: alternate ax,ay,y: Christmas, other uniforms r: retros r1: retro1 (r2-retro2.....) r1a: retro1 away (r2a-retro2 away.....) r1h: retro1 home (r2h-retro2 home.....) ua1: practice away uh1: practice home Milwaukee Buck: 19 jerseys