Ultimate NBA2K12 Mod Pack

Author: HAWK23

There are 4 Download Parts
After you have downloaded Part 1 and Part 2 you will NEVER have to download them again
Part 3 and Part 4 will be the links you will need to download when there are updates

Part 1 & Part 2

Once you download and install Part 1 and Part 2 you will NEVER have to download them again. These parts contain crucial files for the Ultimate Base Roster, 1993 Season Mod, 1995 Season Mod, 1998 Season Mod, 1999 Season Mod, and 2007 Season Mod to work correctly. These parts will NEVER be updated. However, it's extremely important that you download them and install their contents into the Main NBA2K Folder ONE time. Further directions for installing Parts 1 and 2 are located in each individual zip file by locating and reading the "README.PDF" file. Remember, after one download you NEVER need to download these parts ever again!

Part 3 & Part 4

Anytime there is an update to the Ultimate Base Roster, any of the Season Mods, any of the Draft Classes, or any of the Expansion Teams you will need to download Part 3 and Part 4. Part 3 will contain any newly added or created graphics updated such as new cyberfaces, courts, jerseys, portraits, or logos and should be placed in the Main folder. Part 4 will contain the updated roster (.ROS) files, draft class (.FDC) files, or expansion team (.TMM) files and should be placed in the SAVES folder. These two parts will always be fairly small in size because we now have the "one-time download" links for Part 1 and Part 2. After downloading please locate the "README.PDF" file for detailed installation instructions for each part.

Download Links:


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