The Official NBA 2K12 OS Mega Roster Project with REDitor Edits (360)


Looking for some realistic NBA 2K12 rosters? Check out the details below.

Welcome to The OS Mega Roster!

Our Roster Editors
Paul Pierce

The Edits
All Players Including Legends: Ratings, Tendencies and Abilities By Slimm44 and Paul Pierce:
I want to thank Slimm44 for his roster we used his ratings and Tendencies as a base through REDitor. I modified them a bit to give the game more of a flow and attacking feel.
Accessory Edits By Twista308:
Twista308 went through Getty Images pictures of the latest Accessories for NBA Players we also used seanbarkleys thread to aid us. Shoes are from Seanbarkley's Association Roster.
All All Star Teams Correct By Paul Pierce

Sig Shot Edits By Paul Pierce:
I applied some of my sig shot edits in that are in the sig shot thread also I applied some of the sig shot edits that are on the first post of the thread!
REDitor Edits By Paul Pierce:
What I did in REDitor i:
Apply All Slimm44's stuff before edited
Some Players added into the coaching pool if the have aspirations to become a coach post playing career.
Hot Zones for Rookies Changed to "Neutral" for development
New Coaches Added: Woodson, Randy Wittman
All Players Have Hidden Picture Profiles added
Added Sean Barkleys Shoes
Edited Accessory Colors
Apply Speed Edits (Credit VTCRB)

****More Info****
Difficulty: All Star
Game Style: Custom
Game Speed: 35/43/45/56
^All depends on how uptempo you are.
Inside Shot Success: 49/49
Close Shot Success: 48/48
Mid-Range Shot Success: 48/48
3PT Success: 50/45 (45/45)
Lay Up Success: 45/45 (48/45)
Dunk Success: 45/45
Dunk In Traffic: 40/40
Pass Accuracy: 100/100 (Helps with the game flaw)
Ally Oop Success: 75/75
Contact Shot: 30/30 (35/35)
Driving Contact: 0/0
Inside Contact: 0/0
Help Defensive Strength: 100/100
Steal Success: 35/35 or 45/45 (Selectable I just hate when the CPU is in football mode intercepting everything)
Quickness: 100/100 or 0/0 (Depends of Game Speed if on 43 or 45 put at 100 if at 56 put at 0)
Strength: 0/0 or 10/10 (If you see too many pick violations raise this)
Durability: 50/50
Stamina: 45/45
Durability: 35/35 or 45/45 (You know how this playoffs is going)
Hustle: 100/100 (More Diving and fighting for the ball instead of watching it go to the other team)
Ball Handling: 95/95
Hands: 60/60
Dunking Ability: 45/45 (Raise this to 50/50 if you want to see more flashy dunks)
Stealing: 45/45
Blocking: 70/70 (I prefer 0/0 but others have told me 70/70 is better but try it)
Offensive Awareness: 100/0 (Less Cpu nutcase moments)
Defensive Awareness:0/100 (See give one take one)
Offensive Rebounding: 100/100
Defensive Rebounding: 75/75
Clutch: 0/0 Raise to at HIGHEST 4 if you are blowing out teams
Consistency: 50/50 (Lower to 45/45 if FG% are too high)
Fatigue Rate: 45/45
Injure Frequency: 51/51
Injury Severity:50/50
Take Inside Shots: 75/75 or (100/100)
Take Close Shots: 55/55 or (100/100)
Take Mid Range Shots: 90/90
Take 3pt Shots: 75/75
Attack Basket: 75
Look for Post Players: 95
Throw Ally Ooops: 65/65
Attempt Dunks: 50/50
Attempt Putbacks: 45/45
Play Passing Lanes: 90/10
Go for On Ball Steals:95/95
Contest Shots: 100/100
Backdoor Cuts: 100/100
Extreme Amount of Thanks to:
Vtcrb- With great incite on speed ratings and Awareness Ratings MAJOR Shout out to him.
Slimm44- Without you this roster would have taken 3 times longer and would have never been this good thanks Slimm!
Twista308- Without him I don't think this would have been started and he did an AMAZING job while I did not have REDitor and did an excellent job on the accessories and gameplay feedback.

Thanks for the support, feedback and help along the way goes to:
Yanks- All the look a likes AMAZING Job!
How to Install the Roster:
Go on 2Kshare
And go to the top Rated Section in the roster section
Press Y
Select By Gamer Tag
Enter: Extreme3600
And the Roster Name is NBA 2K12 OS Mega Roster
Press A to Download
After done downloading load the 2kshare file and go and save it as a roster file.
If you want to start an association today I highly recommend that you download Vtcrb's Draft Classes.
A note to users:
We thank you for downloading our project, but as creators of this project we ask that any and all request be asked in the thread. We also ask that you do not put modified copies of our file on 2kshare thank you!

Download Links:

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