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NBA 2K13 Med's Ultimate Roster v1.0 Roster Patches

Author: Medevenx Features Visuals -No Generic Shoes for Current NBA Players -No Generic Shoes for Retro Players from '02 to '85 -Christmas Jersey Pack Included -iamLilllard's Ultimate Jersey Project Partlially Included -Alternate Jersey Slots and Gear Color Slots Added -jampasir's Sneaker Pack HD Implemented

NBA 2K13 ALLTiME ALLSTARS Roster Patches V2

Author: tnt23 The concept: NBA Legends and today's superstars on their respective teams...Past, Present, Future. UPDATE: - New CAPs - Fixed ratings and a few trades - Included 2K12 Chicago All-Time Dorna that I forgot to release - Adjusted sliders to fix defense and

NBA 2K12 Roster (Update 07.16)

Author: Charlotte-Bobca Sign and Trade Update 2012.07.16 + 2013 Rookies With Portraits update notes: 1. Based on the latest official name list. 2. Added 1 year to all the players' age and removed the salary imformation of this year. 3. Added all the players'

NBA 2K12 1997-1998 NBA Roster V2.0

Author: Inbar/Stomp/HAWK23 This is Version 2.0 of the 1997-1998 Mod created by Inbar/StomptheCourt. I (HAWK23) have gone ahead with permission from Inbar and made this mod compatible with NBA2KUpdates AND the Ultimate Base Roster. I did this by renaming files to ensure normal files

NBA 2K12 Ultimate Base Roster V16

Author: HAWK23 Major Updates in V16: With the latest editions to V16 the Ultimate Base Roster now contains ALL championship teams since 1970 (plus many more)! • 8 new teams added (00 Suns, 88 Lakers, 85 Lakers, 84 Celtics, 77 Jazz, 76 Celtics, 73

NBA 2K12 dacrossover01 Roster Update 29.4.2012

Author:dacrossover01 I only adjust the roster from the 2k sports NBA 2K12 Official Roster Update 27/04 Released center Jermaine O'neal for the Celtics and released forward Bill Walker for the Knicks and signed center Dan Gadzuric. Wait for the next Roster Update. Enjoy playing

NBA 2K12 Linsanity Roster Update 5.0

Author: weskerdoomz Update! What's new on Linsanity NBA 2K12 Roster Update 5.0 Correct Starting Lineup Correct Rotation & Situationals Correct Salary & Jersey (New Transaction) Correct Signiture Shot Update Layup & Dunk Austin Toros Roster (included Cory Joseph) New Gameplay (thanks to Albys) Added

NBA 2K12 Ultimate Base Roster V12

Ultimate Base Roster V12 [213 Retro / Legend / Current Teams] • Updated the Current NBA Teams to the latest Official NBA2K Update (4/21/12) [I added Mike James to the Bulls] • Fixed 9 starting big men throughout the Retro Teams that were bringing