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NBA 2K14 Philadelphia 76ers (HD Texture Mod)

Author: iamLillard Features - Official 2013-2014 court design for the Sixers - 4096×4096 resolution texture (HD) - Light wooden floor - Real court colors (blue/red/white) Warning: This court is only compatible in "High" Texture Quality settings. It will appear blurry if you're using Medium

NBA 2K14 Philadelphia 76ers Court Patches

Author: Penny1CentMagic Changes Made - Black front row seats and red for the rest - Real backboard structure - Adjusted the placement of 'Wells Fargo Center' logo - Gatorade bench chairs - Fixed the court's floor texture and color. More vibrant blue, red, &

NBA 2K13 Andrew Bynum Cyberface Patches

Author: CaptainOdious This NBA 2K13 patch updates the cyberface of Andrew Bynum, playing for the Philadelphia 76ers. This is a very first version with cornrows, cornrows are flat which means they aren't 3D for the moment, I'll maybe update it in a further version...