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NBA 2K14 Orlando Magic HD Court Mod

Author: Sixers85 Features - 2013-14 NBA rim model - Highly-detailed floor texture with 4096 ×2048 resolution texture, which 4x higher than the original court - New wood parquet floor texture - Tweaked floor reflection - Updated ad banners based on the official sponsors that

NBA 2K14 Orlando Magic Court Patches

Author: Bliss This NBA 2K14 patch updates the court of the Orlando Magic to make it look exactly like the real Amway Center basketball arena Features: - 2 stadium versions: NBA TV & Local TV Broadcast - Real backboard structure based on the NBA

NBA 2K12 2008-2009 Orlando Magic Season Rosters V2

Author: HAWK23 What's in Version2? Rafer Alston cyberface added What was in version 1? Real 08-09 Magic Logo (instead of custom logo) Real 08-09 Magic Logo on Court (instead of custom logo) Real 08-09 Magic Logo on Jerseys (instead of custom logo) All Ages