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NBA 2K11 Online Servers Shutting Down July 31st

Ronnie has informed the remaining NBA 2K11 community that the online servers will be shut down at the end of the month on July 31st. As outlined in the NBA 2K11 manual, online multiplayer support for NBA 2K11 was scheduled to be turned off

NBA 2K11: The Shrug

Author: Messenjah Matt During Game 1 of the 1992 NBA Finals against Portland, Jordan set a Finals record at the time with 6 three-pointers in a half. It was the shrug to Marv and Magic, after effortlessly hitting the 6th three, that sealed this

NBA 2K11: Jordan's Greatest Block

Author: MessenjahMatt Description: Jordan's first encounter against the Chicago Bulls, after returning to the NBA as a member of the Wizards, would be a memorable one. With a game-high 29 points and the lead, the 38 year old MJ would get his shot partially

NBA 2K11: Jordan's Greatest Move

Author: MessenjahMatt Description: Always a highlight moment, and declared Jordan's greatest move in the Ultimate Jordan DVD set, the triple pump circus layup against the New Jersey Nets on February 17th, 1991. Showcasing MJ's incredible hang-time, as he moves the ball right, left, and

FIBA 2K11 Mod V2.0

Author: Eda (Lithuania) Show_time (Lithuania) Pepis21 (Poland) *MGX* (USA) Thread: Previews: General Information: The FIBA Project is an add-on for the 2k Sports latest basketball installment, NBA 2k11. It adds 10 national teams + 3 bonus retro teams. Features: List of teams in

Official NBA 2K11 Roster (11.07.04)

Latest Update: 2011/07/04 Download: All Official Rosters Update Thread (Check Attachments): Install: Start > Run > Type : %appdata%, then find 2K Sports\NBA 2K11\Saves , overwrite all the files. for XP users: C:\Documents and Settings\[your user name]\Application Data\2K Sports\NBA 2K11\Saves for Vista