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NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #13- Online Association

Hey everyone! Erick Boenisch, Producer for NBA 2K12, back one more time. Today I’m going to tell you about something pretty special, something you have all been wanting for a number of years now. I realize the title of the Insight gave it away,

NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #12- Presentation

Hello all, A couple members of the presentation team –Jonathan Corl and Dion Peete- participated in the creation of the Developer Insight on Presentation. We wanted to introduce something we think you’ll be very interested in right off the bat:

NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #10- Controls

Hello, NBA2K fans. It's Mike Wang, Sr. Game Designer, with you today to talk about some of the new features and improvements made to the offensive end of the floor in NBA2K12 – primarily in the areas of Ball Handling and Shooting.

NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #8- Post Game

Howdy 2K fans, Zach Timmerman here, Gameplay Producer on NBA 2K12. I’m here to break down changes we’ve made to one of my favorite aspects of basketball: post play. One of our main goals this year was to improve the post game from top

NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #9- Defense

Hello fans! Jerson Sapida here back for another insight. If you missed my last Insight about Training Camp earlier this week, you can read it here. This time I’ll be going over NBA 2K12’s gameplay features and improvements on Defense. Just to note, as

NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #7- Creating a Legend

Hello everyone! Erick Boenisch, Producer for NBA 2K12, back once again. I’m here today to tell you about a new mode you’ll be playing in the game this year, “NBA: Creating A Legend”. For this experience, you’ll be taking over the career of any

NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #6- Training Camp

Hello everyone, Jerson Sapida, Gameplay Producer, here with my first Developer Insight for NBA 2K12. I want to introduce our new Training Camp mode for NBA 2K12. Before I get into the details of the feature, let me first take this time to thank

NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #5- My Player

Hi everyone! Erick Boenisch, Producer for NBA 2K12, back again. I know you’ve all been waiting to hear what’s new in My Player this year, and I’m pleased to tell you that we have a LOT going on. All of our improvements stem from

NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #4 - Playcall System

Hey guys, Rob Jones here, bringing you an in-depth look at NBA 2K12’s new strategy features and play system. NBA 2K11 marked a year of many successful implementations by our development team. From the inclusion of Michael Jordan, with his challenges and rivals, to