Reveal All the Features in NBA 2K13


The 1st thing about the game is Virtual Currency.This is a new concept.You can get Virtual Currency in any mode,such as Quick Game or My Carrer.And there is a most faster shortcut to buy Virtual Currency,that is Microsoft point.I think 2K was learn to made some money by Virtual Currency just like some online game.

And then we talk about how to use Virtual Currency.Example,the My Palyer Mode,now is call My Carry Mode.Yep,Virtual Currency is important in the mode.You can buy act like LBJ to throw Magnesium powder,or buy ability like improve 3pt%.In My Carrer Mode,there is a new section to talk with GM.When you become all star player,MJ will talk to you.

was add a mode call My Team Mode.In this mode,you can put the star you like in your team,such as you can put CP,KB,LBJ,Drik,DH into one team.What's more,you can put legend player like MJ.So,you can make a team include Nash,MJ,KB and O'Neal.This mode is a good news for the player who like famous star and legend player.Wow, it is so delighted! Also,it need Virtual Currency to let your dream come ture because you can't trade.If you have enought Virtual Currency,you can do everything in 2K13.About My Team Mode,when you are 1st time to play this mode,you will get the Rooike Pack.It include 12 player card,1 court card,1 coach card,1 jersey card,1 tactics card and some ability cards which is depend on your luck.It will be very difficult in the begining,you will throw an air ball sometime.My Team Mode allow you to choose 3 different difficulty to play,and it will get some Virtual Currency.You will buy new players pack and tools pack,your team will become more and more stronger.And you can use some tools pack to improve a player who is a star,and take this player become the top palyer.

And that a player is good condition or bad,you will buy him such as Jeremy Lin in a different Virtual Currency,so you can buy a player when he is in bad condition.

NBA 2K13 was add some Signature Skills,you can buy by Virtual Currency also.And it will make your player more outstanding.Example,Nash,he has an ability which can improve a player's 10% of shot after Nash pass to him.

And,2K13 support Kinect,you can use any tartics.You can yell many order to Kinect in the game.Example,call "Bring Kobe UP",and Kobe will back to the court in next timeout.Or you can call "Call Timeout" and "Quick Shot Kobe" ,then Kobe will shot after he catch the ball.Generally,most of tartics can through Kinect to use.

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