Quick Take: NBA 2K12


by Adam Figman | @afigman

I’ll cut right to the chase: With the assistance of the good folks at Access Communications, I was given the opportunity to play the newest iteration of the NBA 2K series today. Given the status of the (actual, real-life) League, video game hoops may be the only NBA ball fans will get to experience for a while, so the anticipation around this year’s release—, which drops officially on October 4, 2011—feels a little extra special.

Here’s what I knew going in: While Michael Jordan graced the front of NBA 2K11, MJ, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird will all get their own covers of 2K12. And though last year’s version included a Jordan Challenge, giving the user an opportunity to recreate all of Money’s biggest games, 2K12 has an “NBA’s Greatest” mode, in which the user can play as one of 15 classic NBA squads—each led by a different legendary superstar—against a rival team of the same era. I played both NBA’s Greatest mode and the standard Quick Play mode today, and here’s some of what I learned:

The Gameplay

NBA’s Greatest

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