Q&A sorted from Roonie 2K's twitter


Here are a list of the Q&A on the Roonie 2K's twitter stream, it is all around the MyTeam Mode:

Can you have a '98 and current Kobe on the same team?

Answer: No players are unique individuals regardless of year

Are lineups position specific, can you field 12 PGs if you wanted to?

Answer: Yes, but obviously you'll pay the price where bigs do the work

How many player per roster?

Answer: Total 12, 5 starters and 7 bench

How customizable is the MyTEAM?

Answer: You can choose Home & Away uniforms, court floor, playbooks, and Head Coach

You can't play your team against a friend's team. Road to Playoffs is against random opponents this year. You can't put your MyPLAYER in MyTEAM

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