NBA 2K14 L.A. Lakers Short-Sleeved Jersey Patch

Author: DavidBeckham23

This NBA 2K14 patch adds a yellow short-sleeved jersey to the Los Angeles Lakers.

1. Extract into NBA 2K14 game folder and overwrite the two existing files.
- C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K14 or
- C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Sports\NBA 2K14
2. From NBA 2K14 main menu, go to "Options" > "Reset Roster"
3. Play a quick game and choose the Alt (A) jersey of the Heat.
Note: It'll replace the original red alternate uniform of the Lakers. Create a backup first before installing.



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NBA 2K14 Custom Global Mod (Textures Compilation)

Author: RemDizzle
Credits to: SJ1414 (seanjohn1414), Lagoa, michaelvlutz, Aivin Tompong, & Mattan

Here's a compilation of all the great textures merged into one NBA 2K14 global file. I have more than ten custom globals created by different modders from 2K13 laying around, so i took the the time to make something out of it. Check out the in-game screenshots below!

Version 4:
- Fixed: Players are shiny and too much brightness
- Replaced some of the textures

- New skin textures
- Progressive sweat
- Long hexpad
- Enhanced game lighting
- Skin tones/colors fix
- Thinner legs for the players
- Nike half white/half team color arm sleeves [Nerlens Noel]
- Realistic eyes
- Brighter teeth
- Black & White accessories accessories fix
- Adidas ankle brace accessory [Derrick Rose]
- Adidas padded knee / leg sleeves [D. Rose]
- Nike Elite socks under ankle wrap accessory
- Improved shadows (self-shadowing)
- New face textures
- Enhanced gears and accessories: headbands, hex pads, leg sleeves, wrist bands, arm sleeves, arm bands, braces, straps, pads etc.
- and many more!

Note: Create a backup of your original 2K14 global, so that you can change it back in case you don't like it.





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NBA 2K14 DayDream SweetFX Graphics Mod

Author: Thinch

This is a tweaked SweetFX preset settings optimized for NBA 2K14, similar to what I released last year for 2K13. It adjusts the game's colors, shadows, contrast, vibrance, bloom (light), and other visual details giving it a "daydream" effect. Check the screen-shots below and leave your comments and suggestions.






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NBA 2K14 Street 1.0


Default Disk Based Roster file. Changed all the CAT menu logos. All NBA/Classic teams in practice jerseys. Rookie Showcase and Training Camp in Summer Circuit Gym. All-Star Weekend Dunk Contest and Three Point Shootout on Blacktop. New Logos include: Dream Team, Team USA, Street Ball Logos. CATs are on Rucker Day. Sorry, no shadows yet.

Download Links:


NBA 2K14 Alec Trainer

Author: Alec

From the top left corner, NBA2K14 Dream Constellation (offline version) By Alec
Menu icons left to right: Home page, players, teams, names/nicknames (?), Schedule, awards, "special mode "(but with MyCareer icon?), in-game progress, game setting, check for updates, donation

Blue icons, left to right: Information status(?), appearance, statistics, skills/techniques/ratings(?), tendencies, hot spots, signature moves, contracts

Leftest Column, from up to down: Nickname/name, nationality, birth year, birth month, birth date, height, weight, personality, handedness, preferred dunk hand, years pro, Team drafted to, round drafted in, draft position, play initiator, primary position, secondary position

Middle column: play style, play type 1, 2, 3, 4, player type(?)(NBA, Euroleague? or starter, role, bench?), player number, free player/free agency pending (?), loyalty, play-for-winner, financial security, team 1, team 2, morale, fatigue, rotation minutes, injury status, days remained sidelined

Right column: overall league rank, position rank, scouted by "NBA scouting"




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