NBA 2K12 1999-2000 Indiana Pacers Season Rosters V3


What's new in Version 3?
Reggie Miller portrait added
Young Jalen Rose portrait added
Dale Davis portrait added
Rik Smits portrait added
Mark Jackson portrait added
Austin Croshere portrait added
Austin Croshere cyberface added (*RETRO*)
Derrick McKey portrait added
Derrick McKey cyberface added (*RETRO*)



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NBA 2K12 Complete Roster Update 12.29

Author: jac20

Updated all the team's roster based on their official roster. Updated SOME starting line-ups and rotations and also SOME contracts.
Rookies that are undrafted have generic faces only, if you can make one, pls. share it.


Injuries are not applied in the roster. I will update it as soon as REditor will be released.
Some contracts and rotations are incorrect, i will correct them in the next updates.



NBA 2K12 2003-2004 Detroit Pistons Season Rosters V2

Author: HAWK23

What's in Version 2?
Corliss Williamson portrait added
Corliss Williamson cyberface added (*RETRO*)
Lindsey Hunter cyberface added (*RETRO*)
Mike James cyberface added (*RETRO*)
Elden Campbell portrait added
Darvin Ham portrait added
Darvin Ham cyberface added (*RETRO*)



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NBA 2K12 2008-2009 Orlando Magic Season Rosters V2

Author: HAWK23

What's in Version2?
Rafer Alston cyberface added

What was in version 1?
Real 08-09 Magic Logo (instead of custom logo)
Real 08-09 Magic Logo on Court (instead of custom logo)
Real 08-09 Magic Logo on Jerseys (instead of custom logo)
All Ages and Years Pro Accurate as of 08-09
Rotations Accurate



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NBA 2K12 350+ Missing Legends & Rookie Portraits Patches

Author:Wim.vl & HAWK23

A MUST-HAVE patch: These portrait files will add over 350 portraits to your game (rookies, legends, retro players) without removing any portraits.

A quick manual how to install the portraits.

Here's what you do (backup your files first)

1. extract all files in your NBA2K12 folder, replacing 4 files (your NBA2KFolder is typically located in C:/Program Files/2KSports/NBA2K12

2. Load the game and play (portraits should appear)

NOTE: HAWK23 has created many additional legend teams (Dream Team, Reggie's Indiana Pacers, Charles Barkley's Suns, ...).

They are also compatible with this file and will have portraits, so go check it out: viewtopic.php?f=143&t=82925

That's it, thanks for downloading, and enjoy!



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NBA 2K12 Complete Roster Update Beta V3

Author: jac20

Updated the season roster with all the rookies of the following teams:

Memphis Grizzlies
Milwaukee Bucks
Minnesota Timberwolves
New Jersey Nets
New Orleans Hornets
Sacramento Kings

Updated the roster:

• New York claimed guard Jeremy Lin off waivers from Houston.

• Houston signed center Samuel Dalembert to a multiyear contract.




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