NBA 2K12 Spalding Balls Patches

Author: JaoSming

I have some balls for you to play with.

For each ball, I've included a version that replaces the default NBA Ball, and a version that replaces the ABA ball if you've unlocked that by using the cheat code "payrespect". After you choose which iff file you want to use, simply place it in your main game folder.



Download Links:

NBA 2K12 Holiday Icons

Author: Rated EJ

This will replace the all the holiday icons in gamedata into NBA 2K12 Holiday Icons presented by TNT..

I also add the dds files so you can manually put it on your Gamedata by using NBA2KX Modtool

Always back-up your files..



Download Links:

NBA 2K12 Albys Roster Update 01.16

Author: Albys

New features RR 1.3:
- Real Nba roster 1/16/2012 (also added Barron to Warriors)
- Added a lot of new players in F.A.: Brandon Roy, Yao Ming, Sheed Wallace, Iverson, Brooks, Weems, Douglas-Roberts, Azubuike, Vujacic, Jeter, Mills, McDyess, Dorsey, J. Powell, Bonzi Wells, Stojakovic, Shakur and many more!
- Realistic rotation and starting five
- Updated overall players (90% players), based on 2011-2012 real nba performance ( stats)
- updated some player tendencies
- updated real sighsots and dunk/layup packages + isomoves for more than 200 players!!!! Credits to 1Rose, Hoopjunkie, Jaysmoov, Batum Shaka Laka for great work! This is a great feature, because the players now is again more real!
- fixed some bodies (like Fesenko, Rondo)
- fixed skintone legs Derrick Williams
- improved rookies personality
- updated some shoes color and models, and also updated accessories (complete work in RR 1.4 or RR 2.0 - end january)
- perfect compatibility with "UTP portraits pack 3"
- some sliders tweaks
- various fix and tweaks for better gameplay and better association mode.
- new players have portraits and real face.

simply install RealisticRoster13.ROS and RR1sliders.SLD in your saves folder.
Start the game, go to save / load option, set update roster OFF (ALWAYS! very important!) and save settings.
Now load Albys Realistic Roster13 and RR1 sliders.

For very great gameplay, these are perfect settings:
ALL STAR level
speed game: 47-48
FG: shot timing (or real %, more hard)
FT: real %

game audio option:
95 (commentary)
85 (effects)

This is a third release of Albys Realistic Roster.
Update every week.
Thanks to my italian friend and official partner Redssimon for support!

Sorry for my poor english, ciao from Italy!

Download Links:

NBA 2K12 Albys Cyberfaces and Shoes Patches Update + Roster 01.16

Author: Albys

To be used with NBA 2K12 Albys Roster Update 01.16

These files are for my Realistic Roster 1.3 (and next versions):

- cyberfaces for added players

- some great pshoes

Credits to various authors! (see name folders)

Installation: simply extract all files .iff from folders and put to nba2k12 folder (overwrite if ask)

Download Links:

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