NBA 2K14 Gameplay Developer Insight (Video)

2K Sports has released the first full details on this year's NBA 2K14 gameplay with a new Developer Diary video.

Mike Wang, Lead Gameplay Designer, addressed the skepticism that people might think the game will be a minor upgrade saying, "We really wanted to stomp that right away and make sure everyone understood that NBA 2K14 will be a fully upgraded game."

Rob Jones, Senior Producer, said the AI is much improved on both offense and defense.

"Spacing is much butter," Jones said. "I think this year is the first time we really got a feeling 'these guys know what I'm trying to do' (in regards to their floor spacing."

Wang said attacking the basket is "more gripping" and "you can't just go anywhere you want with the ball". Players attacking the rim should expect more contact in the paint, as it should be.

2K looked at the blocking system and made improvements and "even rewrote the system."

Producer Jerson Sapida said, "We're just ensuring the user can get the best possible block attempt that they can make."

2K, in the past, artificially dropped shooting percentages when players drove towards the rim. This year, says Mike Wang, the approach is different. This year the contact in the paint, the fouls, the blocks, etc. will all be much more natural and authentic to what you would expect to see.

"To me, it's one of the biggest upgrades the series has seen in a long time," Wang said.

We are expecting even more NBA 2K14 info soon, as the game is slated for release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 1.


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