NBA 2K13 Video - My Impressions From 2K Sports NBA 2K13 Team Up Day (IpodKingCarter)

1. Controls - Fluid & Easy To Adapt To
2. Passing - Beautiful Bounce Passing - No More CPU Stealing On Demand
3. Physics - Realistic Collision Animations
4. Speed - PG's Can School Bigs On Demand
5. Freedom- No More Bumping
6. A.I. & Player Movement - Smarter CPU All Around
7. Dunking - NewFerocious Dunks & Packages May Include more Dunks
8. Player Special Abilities (Signature Skills)
9. Presentation - Nice Step Up
10. Defense - No More Blocking

Thanks to 2K Sports for flying everyone out for the NBA 2K13 Team Up Event. The following people were invited to the event:

From: Operation Sports

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