NBA 2K13 Med's Ultimate Roster v0.7

Author: Medevenx


Current Version: v0.7


-No Generic Shoes for Current NBA Players
-No Generic Shoes for Retro Player from '02 to '85
-Christmas Jersey Pack Included
-Accurate and Updated Matching Accessory, Headband, Sock, and Shoe Colors
-Accurate and Updated Accessories, Gear, and Shoe Designation for both Current NBA Teams and Retro NBA Teams from '02 to '85
-Black Pressure Shorts for All Current NBA Players
-Updated Muscle Tones, Skin Tones, and Body Types

-Updated Roster Transactions, Salaries, Injuries
-Updated Signature Skills, Player Ratings
-Updated Signature Animations, Layup & Dunk Packages
-Updated Height and Weight of Players AND Celebrities
-Accurate Rotations and Lineups
-TWO Roster Files with Injuries AND without Injuries!
-Missing Players Added
-Missing Retro Players Added
-Celebrity Roster Improved
-Removed All Created Players from Retro Teams

-Realistic Gameplay Sliders on Hall of Fame Difficulty
-Unlocks All Alternate and Christmas Jerseys
-Slim44's Coach Profiles for All Current NBA Teams
-Slim44's Coach Profiles for All Retro NBA Teams
-Vannwolfhawk's Playbooks for All Current NBA Teams
-Vannwolfhawk's Playbooks for Retro Teams from '02 to '84
-Updated Play Types for All Players Compatible with Vannwolfhawk's Playbooks
-Realistic Presentation Settings

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