NBA 2K13 Med's Roster V4

Author: Medevenx

It's time I contributed since all I do is criticize the work of others, what have I ever done, right? lol let's go

-Updated Gear, Accessories Colors and Headband Colors
-Updated Shoes
-Almost All Players without Generic Shoes (except Legends)
-True to Life Minutes
-Roster with Injuries AND Roster without Injuries!
-Charles Barkley, Chris Webber, Julius Erving, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bryon Russell back on Legends Teams
-Missing Players Added
-Realistic Gameplay Sliders
-All Alternate, Christmas Jerseys Unlocked
-Updated Jump Shots and Free Throws for a few players that badly need them
-Removed All Created Players from Legends Teams
-Updated Heights and Weights of Players

This Roster Patch contains

Updated Official Roster (November 11) edited and updated to November 27


Michael Jordan wearing his BANNED Jordan 1 shoes


Christmas Jerseys unlocked for all teams and Lebron starting at PF not SF


Updated Shoes, Only Small Amount of Players left have Generic Shoes (Westbrook Superfly shoes with no red, Durant special knee sleeves)


Updated Colors, AND Headbands (also Grizzlies' accessories matching jersey color, also no more pink accessories for Clippers)
Grizzlies and Nuggets finally have white socks and white shoes when away, also Pacers and Bucks have black socks and shoes when away


Actual Minutes Per Game in Real Life for ALL TEAMS (check the official NBA sites to see for yourself)


Chris Webber


All Legends players with long socks (no longer striped socks because Rose has striped socks for his Adidas sleeves)


Rose Adidas Sleeves


Mike D'Antoni head coach for Lakers (despite being a November 11 patch, the official patch with him as the head coach came out on November 14)


Updated Jerseys AND Accessories Colors


Thunder Alternate and Updated Gear
Some Players Height increased without changing their body type (Paul George now 6'10", Durant 6'11" height in game but listed as 6'10" )


Removed ALL Created Players from Legends Teams


Sir Charles (requesting a cyberface for a younger Charles please thank you)


Doctor J, Kareem, and Bryon Russell


NBA 2K13-NBA 2K12 Signature Animations, Tendencies, Hotspots Accurate for Added Legends (pic shows Kareem's)
Also updated a few Jump Shots and Free Throws for current players

C-Webb, Sir Charles, Doctor J, and Skyhook Kareem sadly have no career data..


Missing Players with Guaranteed contracts, and those with unguaranteed contracts but have lots of minutes added (no longer gave them portraits because i don't want you guys to worry having to download too many files especially for the casual gamers here)


Custom Realistic Gameplay Sliders (it comes with the Unlock All Jerseys setting so if you don't like the realistic gameplay sliders you can always set it to either Default or Simulation )


Updated Shoes! Anta KG 3, Pierce, Nike Lunar Hypergamer, Li-Ning Wade, Noah, World Peace, Peak Shoes and more!


Two Rosters! Choose between a Roster with injuries and a Roster without!

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