NBA 2K13 Features Total Sim Control


Gamesradar has posted their NBA 2K13 preview and talks about some of the new features, including Total Sim Control.

Finally, this year's Association Mode will have some new wrinkles. It's updated with the same real-world contract refinements that came out of last year's post-lockout collective bargaining agreement. There's also a new feature called Total Sim Control that gives you far more sway over the games you choose to simulate over the course of a long season. Want Steve Nash to shoot more than Kobe? Want to ensure that your team plays the defense they would if you were playing a full game yourself? Now you can program those choices into the process. And, arguably the biggest addition? If you're not picking the game up on launch day, you can download all of the real-world statistics and injury data up to the day you start playing.

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