NBA 2K13: Controls Trailer w/Controller Details Inside


Pass = A
Bounce Pass = LT & A (incorrect in trailer)
Alley OOP = X & A (Lstick chooses recipent)
Alley OOP = X & A (point at rim for OOP to self)
Crowd Dribbler = Hold LT (When near non-dribbling Ball handler)
Post Up = Y
Jump Shot = X
Normal Dunk = Hold RT then press X (While driving)
Steal = X
Take Charge = B

Crossover = Rstick Left (ball in right hand)
Spin = Rstick Twirl Clockwise
Behind the Back = Rstick away from hoop (incorrect in trailer)
Stutter Step = Rstick Toward Hoop
Hesitation = Rstick> Right (ball in right hand)
Step Back = Lstick away from hoop (ball in right hand) (Still Unsure if "B" is used)

Hop Step Layup = “Lstick” sets hop direction Tap “B” then hold “X”
Rip Over Jumper = Press “B”, “Lstick” toward hoop then hold “X”
Step Back Jumper = Press “B”, “Lstick” away from hoop then hold “X”
Snatch Back Jumper = Press “B”, “Lstick” opposite momentum then hold “X”
Euro Step = Double Tap “X”
Spin Layup = Double Tap “B” then press and hold “X”
Spin Dunk = RT and double tap “B” then press and hold “X”


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