NBA 2K13 Classic Players to Free Agency Roster

Author: RedPhazon8

I was planning on doing a fantasy Association with all the current players combined with the classic players that came with the game. Well, after four hours, I finished it. Basically what this roster file has is all of the out of box classic players in free agency.

- For the sake of a fantasy association I only need one of each player, so I picked the best overall version of each one. (One MJ, Pippen, Rodman, etc)

- If a player was still in the league I didn't add their classic version if it was better. (Mike Bibby is on the 2001/2002 Kings but he's still in the league)

- The best method was to create a lot of generic players and throw them into each team to compensate for the 12 man limit (would be nice if they removed it and only applied it if you wanted to use the team in a mode).

- I eventually ran out of spaces for making created players and I had to start using the worst of the worst, some classic players were used too since they had such low ratings. On a side note there's one slot left for making a Created Player, mainly because it was a player I made and it was going to be used for my project, not going to release him with the roster so I deleted him. (2K's fault for making Scal so low overall...

- I'm releasing my version to the public so it saves people time if they ever wanted to do the same thing, you never know if anyone else could use something like this.



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