NBA 2K13 Association & Online Association Notes

2K Sports has just released some NBA 2K13 Association and Online Association details.

Would love for them to go into more detail about the "Bug Fixes" though.

Offline Association:

New interface (the landing screen for the mode), information such as league leaders, injuries, standings are VERY accessible now.
Total Sim Control
New CBA rules
‘Start Today’ feature
All-Star Weekend integration (if All-Star DLC is installed)
Revamped Team Building logic
All-new lineup/rotation logic
Improved trading logic
Other smaller fixes (improved draft generation, etc.)
Bug fixes! (based on community feedback from last year)

Association Online:

Commissioner Tools:

Customizable Sliders
Adjust League Speed
Advance League (1 week at a time)
Advance to Next Round (in the playoffs)
Pause/Resume League
Unlock All Games (flex schedule)
Reset Games / Force Winner

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