NBA 2K13 2013 NBA All Star Courts Patches

Author: Verminator

The first full version of my 2013 All Star court. It adds:

- Realistic floor for both All Star Game and Rising Stars Challenge
- Updated stadium to match real life (again, both ASG and Rising Stars)
- Realistic dornas (ASG and Rising Stars)
- Edited some logos
- 3D editing

NOTE: NBA 2K13 has an issue with the stadiums and dornas of the ASG and Rising Stars Challenge games clashing, so if you want to play the ASG with correct logos after the Rising Stars Challenge, you have to replace the stadium and dorna files. Floor files don't clash, so you can safely put f505.iff, f007.iff and f030.iff files into your 2K13 folder.



Download Links:

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