NBA 2K12 Ultimate Base Roster V29

Author: HAWK23

Major Updates in V29:
• Includes a "UBRV29 Association.ros" roster file which strips out all of the retro teams for those of you who just want the updated roster. Don't worry the normal Ultimate Base Roster V29 with all the retros is still there too.
• Fixed multiple players with white arms / faces that were not showing up
• Fixed the Milwaukee Bucks Home Jersey issue for the 1991 Season Mod
• 30+ Retro cyberfaces added to UBR and sprinkled across the appropriate Season Mods
• Most of the Season Mods found in Part 4 were also tweaked for accuracy/improvement (including the addition of a 1996 Season Mod and 2006 Season Mod))
• Added Chris BroadBeck's ABA Expansion Roster & Team Files (all compatible)
• Current NBA Teams Rosters up to date as of Sunday September 16th, 2012.


you need download Part 1 & Part 2 here:

Download Links:

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