NBA 2K12 Ultimate Base Roster V18

Author: HAWK23

All NBA Champions since the 1970's PLUS many more teams [252 total teams]! ALL teams now work in season/association mode!

Major Updates in V18:

• 20 new teams added: 47 Warriors, 56 Warriors, 76 Suns, 80 Celtics, 88 Bullets, 91 Sixers, 93 Clippers, 94 Heat, 97 Bucks, 97 Raptors, 02 Celtics, 02 Sonics, 02 Hornets, 03 Suns, 03 Warriors, 06 Sixers, 06 Nets, 12 Heat, 12 Thunder
• Separate Free Agent list added consisting of the top 19 future draft picks (Davis, Drummond, Barnes etc). INCLUDING cyberfaces for most of the 19 players (courtesy NBA2K12 community/Champione) and portraits for ALL (I did those). To use these players is very easy, you can use the "2012-2013 Draft Rookies Team" as a Free Agent List. Just go to the team and click "Assign" to assign players to any team you would like and it will clone that player to the team you choose while keeping them on the 2012-2013 Draft Team.
• 6 new retro courts added / 30+ new cyberfaces added (including 2012-2013 draft class) / 30+ new portraits added
• Multiple player ratings from retro teams were edited/adjusted for better accuracy
• Current rosters updated as of latest NBA2K Official Update

This is the "Ultimate Base Roster" file for NBA2K12. I’ve named it this because of all the other extras included in just ONE roster file and all functions work (association, season, etc) without overwriting any data.

Download Links:

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