NBA 2K12 Ultimate Base Roster V17

Author: HAWK23

Major Updates in V17:

• Renamed files that were conflicting with Inbar’s 1997-1998 Roster Mod (V2) so you can have all files in the same folder
• 9 new teams added (47 Stags, 48 Bullets, 51 Royals, 74 Pistons, 84 Suns, 98 Cavs, 01 Grizzlies, 01 Clippers, 04 Warriors)
• 6 new logos added (doesn’t replace anything) for some of the teams above
• 3 new courts added for 01/06 Clippers, 75 Warriors, 74 Celtics (Courtesy Francis27nba)
• Fixed a logo issue with the 54-55 Nationals
• Fixed 64-65 Celtics & 64-65 Lakers (they weren’t working correctly in association/season mode)
• Multiple jerseys that appeared “grey” were updated to look more accurate/white (courtesy Brenzon)
• Current rosters updated as of latest NBA2K Official Update



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