NBA 2K12 Ultimate Base Roster V16

Author: HAWK23

Major Updates in V16:

With the latest editions to V16 the Ultimate Base Roster now contains ALL championship teams since 1970 (plus many more)!

• 8 new teams added (00 Suns, 88 Lakers, 85 Lakers, 84 Celtics, 77 Jazz, 76 Celtics, 73 Knicks, 70 Knicks)
• Added the Brooklyn Nets logos/courts/jerseys (does not affect 01-02 Nets) – courtesy ThaKing
• In the last update I made sure all teams worked in Association/Season mode. I’ve fixed some bugs which now allow you to successfully sign FAs, make trades, select “Fantasy Draft”, and choose as many teams as you want when customizing your league using ALL classic/retro teams without it crashing to the desktop
• 6 new courts added (5 retro – courtesy Francis27nba)
• 10 new cyberfaces added – 1 courtesy of Kieran
• Multiple jersey numbers, player appearances, and tendencies were updated for better accuracy
• Current teams are updated using the latest NBA2K official update



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