NBA 2K12 Ultimate Base Roster V13

Author: HAWK23

Major Updates in V13:

• Added the All-Time 1950’s Decade Team
• Added 16 new players to the FA Legends / Role Players List
• Added 1 new player to the All-Time Pacers Legends (Clark Kellogg)
• Unlocked/Utilizing 5 new player portraits
• Fixed a name jumble with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
• Added a real retro court for the 1978 Bullets (Courtesy Francis27nba)
• Added 2 new cyberfaces (Stromile Swift, Ndudi Ebi)
• Fixed the appearance of coach Red Auerbach
• Added Phil Jackson as an assistant coach for the 1988-1989 Chicago Bulls
• Edited multiple retro players making their attributes and tendencies more accurate
• All Current NBA Teams to the latest Official NBA2K Update (4/21/12)



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