NBA 2K12 Superglobal Cryptonym Blast V6.3 & Shadow Mod V3

Author: Kool `em

Global contents:
-gOry's 3D model bodytweaks and accessories
-seanjohn1414's Avengers v3
-ThreeQ/3Q's arm padded sleeve and short arm sleeve
-BBmyLove's Adidas arm sleeve
-Lagoa's Black n White accesories and headband
-JoeJames Better Nba Logo
-Collision's knee hex padded sleeve conversion
-Ricoy's jordan leg sleeve
-TNeckDMe's Enhanced series v4, Eye misc and Sweat
-Dmayne's DRose adidas calf sleeve
-McDavid's mid/half calf sleeve
-Sixers85's New! NBATNT Texture on NBATNT Mod
-MGX's Hex padded shorts
-tatlopuyo's HEX Floor Reflection
-Abin's Teeth (recent)
-KW's adidas ankle brace (black n white implemented)
-C.Boozer/Nene/C.Anthony calf sleeve unknown author
-Nike ankle wrap Unknown author
-Muscles imported from 2k11
-Kool `em's same all socks Low to High socks conversion
and TNT We Know Drama Menu page and gray TNT silver conversion
Gamedata contents:
-ikitoy's PS3 icons
-michaelvluts49's Realistic Net Physics v8
-Jowe's real referee, cheerleaders n commentators
-Nba Live Icons






Download Links:

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