NBA 2K12 Solovoy's Portraits Pack V5

Author: solovoy

Portrait pack for .

Added Andre Emmett, Eric Dawson, Jeff Foote and Jerry Smith. Changed some pictures from old releases for better quality pics. Changed all the coloured headbands for white ones. TURK Script included in the file compatible with Albys, LG and Kova last rosters. The Turk could work with another edited roster, but I can't be sure that everything is going to work.

Compatible with Official Rosters without using the TURK Script.

I also added the portraits of new coachs: Woodson (PortrID: 5191), Canales (PortrID: 5191) and Wittman (PortrID: 5192). You need a paid version of Reditor to edit the PortrID of the coachs.

This only contains Portrait.iff and Portrait.cdf files. Before copy this to the NBA 2K12 folder, delete Portrait_hi.iff and Portrait_hi.cdf files (make a backup first) and then copy and replace the other two files.

Note: I always try to find the best picture in position and size; but with some legend's it was almost impossible to find a good picture or even a picture. I made my best, I'm pretty happy with some of them but with others is the only I could do.

Download Link:

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