NBA 2K12 Saints and Rick Roster Update (29.03.2012)

Author: sa1nts777

This is a 2011/2012 roster update for .

- NBA Roster updated to 29 march 2012 (with all D-League and FA signings (Dentmon, Anderson, Azubuike, Chandler etc.))
- updated rotations to 29 march 2012
- updated sig shots to many players (now game looks much more realistic)
- updated all accessories and gear colors
- updated players skills and tendencies (you will get the most realistic stats with this)
- updated coach profiles (added Mike Woodson and Randy Wittman with audio presentation, no Canales - sorry Portland fans)
- Roster is compatible with Xijaou's Real Shoes System
- Roster is compatible with 700+ (350+) Missing Legends & Rookie Portraits 4.0 by Wim.vl & Hawk23



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