NBA 2K12 REDitor II 3.1.1

Author: Vl@d Zola Jr.




Patch to v.3.1.1:
Replace Parsers.dll file in the tool installation folder with this one.
You only need this patch in case you plan to edit, if a player uses generic shoes or pshoes. Otherwise the patch is NOT a necessity, so you can ignore it. v 3.1 works fine.

New in v. 3.1.1:
- Fixed: PShoe-usage field hot-fix

New in v. 3.1.0:
- Added: Name Order, Name Show Type, Bird Years, Use Custom Shoes parameters are now editable for NBA 2K12 PC Tables
- Added: Player Statistics made editable for MLB 2K11 PC Tables
- Changed: Tutorial updated
- Changed: Various visual, interface and perfomance updates, fixes and optimizations
- Fixed: Glitch, when files were sometimes loaded in Free license mode (despite the registered key), if opened immediately after the tool was launched.
- Fixed: Bug, when pasting an empty string into a cell caused pasting to go wrong
- Fixed: Synchronization problems between cloning and MyFriend Panel
- Fixed: Glitch, when 2K12 files couldn't be correctly opened on systems with 16+Gb RAM

New in v. 3.0:
- Added: Support for NBA 2K12 PC Tables
- Changed: Various minor interfaces’ updates
- Fixed: Bug, when changing multiple names during single session could lead to some of them become wrong
- Fixed: Various minor glitches

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