NBA 2K12 OffSeason Rosters V1

Author: west44

Ok so we all know how much the roster and rookie CFs are terribad, well some of us decided to get together and sexify 2k12 for everyone.

Thanks to:
cor3n for the tutorial and initial cfs white arms
kc2135 for the start up roster to begin with
nba2kway for the tools
nicoyerel for letting us know about the trainer
Hellboy for rookie list
Koresh_NIK for Honeycutt // Morris Brothers // kawhitats

-Bunch of default Rookie CFs with correct arm colors // some have tattoos thanks to Koresh_NIK
-PNG list thanks to Hellboy
-Roster which has the CFs implemented // kc2135 made the CAP rookies and i finished the rest

-side note...The roster' ratings // tendencies // shot release // etc. have not been thoroughly edited
so I guess this would be a good base for now...



Download Links:

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