NBA 2K12 Nictional Draft Class 2

Author: Nick

Carefully crafted fictional prospects for association mode, so that you don’t have to rely on the generated draft classes. I have meticulously created/edited nearly every single player in this draft class. The idea is to make unique & specifically molded players (both in terms of the stars of tomorrow and the role players of tomorrow), while being mindful of overall draft class and how it'll affect the overall BALANCE of the league in future years. Hopefully it makes association modes more REALISTIC and interesting.

Edits include:
- Player attributes, tendencies, animations, vitals, looks, accessories, playtypes, potential, etc
- A report of the top prospects included in download file.
- All names should have the commentator say their name.
- Player age stays relevant to the year/season the draft class is loaded. I.e. will work for ANY year/season.

About this class...

Draft strength: Strong. Mullins and Wedman are the tier 1 prospects that you can expect to make the most impact in the league. The 1st round is pretty deep, with decent talent throughout. Whoever is picking at around 15-18 will probably get a steal, since there is a lot of choice in the late lottery.

Here's a report of some of the more interesting prospects in Nictional Draft Class 1...

(Ordered roughly by CURRENT ability, not potential ability.)

Roger Mullins, SF, 21, Connecticut
Mullin is an all-rounder type swingmen who likes to score off posting up. He’s extremely good shooting off the dribble with an array of stepback, pullup, shimmy, and hop jumpshot moves. He’s not overly explosive or spectacular but he’s extremely court savvy and has developed a skillset that suits his physical tools. He will make an instant impact for whoever drafts him.
Player type: All-rounder / scorer. Comparison: Paul Pierce
- Good shooter
- Can score off the dribble
- Savvy offensive player
- Great shooter from the post
- Can be relied upon in crunch time.
- Not an elite athlete, but decent
- Doesn’t have great slashing ability.
- Mullins has been a star in college for a few years and is ready to take his game to the next level. Mullins is as NBA Ready a player as you will find in this draft.

Abe Wedman, C, 21, North Carolina
Wedman is both an absolute work horse and physical specimen. An undersized center at 6’9”, he has the athleticism, strength and length to make up for it. He is a gym rat – a testament to his work ethic, and there’s no reason why he can’t push himself to continually take his game to new levels as his career progresses. Won defensive player in the year 2 years in a row in NCAA.
Player type: Defensive. Comparison: Shawn Kemp / Ben Wallace
- Has that rare combination of explosiveness, strength and size.
- Could become a rare center to be among the league leaders in steals.
- Terrific defensive instincts, reaction speed, strength, and athleticism result in many rebounds.
- Super aggressive and constantly working.
- Can finish with the best of ‘em. Expect many posters.
- Raw offensively. Mainly scores through sheer determination and athleticism.
- Undersized for a center.
- NBA ready body that would compete with the likes of LeBron, Dwight & Josh Smith.
- With that work ethic and athletcism, he has the potential to be great.
- A lock for multiple All-defensive teams.

Brendan Washington, PF, 21, Indiana
Washington is a big efficient bowling ball. Another undersized post player, but has figured out how to score anyway. His upside is limited, but he is very skilled and will help a team right away. Just has a knack for willing the ball in the basket.
Player type: Post scorer. Comparison: Carlos Boozer / Luis Scola
- Great touch, both inside and from mid range.
- Has an array of post moves.
- Incredible lower body strength, immovable.
- Good rebounder
- Decent athleticism for his weight
- Can score in traffic.
- Vertically undersized, but definitely not horizontally undersized.
- Not good defensively.
- Conditioning has been questioned.
- A very unique player who can has mastered the art of scoring inside amongst the trees, despite his lackluster height.

Cole Owen, G, 19, Ohio State
Owen is a stat-stuffing explosive combo-guard type. Will need the right training to be a star in the league but has all the tools. Has a long road ahead of him, whether you decide to use him as a PG or SG.
Player type: All-around / athletic. Comparison: Russell Westbrook / Dwyane Wade / Rod Beaubois
- Elite level athlete.
- Has the size advantage at PG or the speed advantage at SG.
- Finds ways to will the ball in the basket from close range.
- Has potential to become a great 2-way player down the road.
- Uses an array of hesitation moves to get past his man
- Has decent, but not great, point guard skills.
- Hasn’t developed much of a jumpshot yet. Purely an inside scorer
- Cole should be able to provide decent minutes off the bench to begin with, but his ability to fill out the stat sheet could result in some individual accolades a few years down the road, providing he develops into a starter.

Kelenna Cisse, F, 21, France
This Frenchman is a scoring combo forward. With pretty good athleticism for his size and an arsenal of offensive moves, Cisse can be a nice piece for someone and certainly has upside.
Player type: Faceup. Comparison: Antwan Jamison / Al Harrington
- Good jumpshooter and post shooter.
- Skilled offensive player
- Pretty good finisher
- Agile for his size
- Stuck between positions of PF and SF.
- Not a good passer, can be selfish
- Not a very good rebounder or defender for his position
- Cisse is very talented but will need to become a better rebounder and/or defender is he wants to start in the NBA.

Jevon Shirley, F, 22, Michigan State
Shirley is the ultimate role player. He’s not going to excite anybody that’s on the search for the next sleeper star, but the college senior can contribute to a team now. He does all the little things that help a team win: great shot selection, sets useful screens, solid D, crashes the glass, and is not costly in any way.
Player type: All-rounder. Comparison: Jeff Green / Leon Powe
- Great strength
- Pretty good rebounder
- Good touch inside
- Solid defender and rebounder
- Glues everything together
- Undersized at PF, and lacks the athleticism for SF.
- Is already close to his peak. Limited upside.
- Jack of all trades, master of none.
- Shirley is not a “sexy” pick, but creates interesting options for teams. He will never be anything more than a role player, but every winning team needs a player like this

Jayceon Lister, SG, 21, Louisville
Jayceon is a wiry-thin scoring shooting guard. Think of guards like Kevin Martin and Rip Hamilton and that’s the kind of guy that Lister will become. Has some holes in his game but he should develop into a scoring starter SG some day.
Player type: Scorer. Comparison: Kevin Martin / Marshon Brooks
- Good shooter
- Not an elite athlete, just a very good one.
- Good offensive player, various moves in the arsenal
- Could become a go-to player down the road
- Not a factor on defense
- Not a good rebounder
- Not very strong
- Ball Handling could improve
- Lister is very solid. He may not ever become a superstar, but should certainly become a solid contributor given the opportunity.

Darin Witt, SF, 21, Norfolk State
Witt is a high-flying athlete. Blessed with amazing physical tools, Witt is aggressive and emotional. He is something of a project player, as he lacks some fundamental skills.
Player type: Athletic. Comparison: Thaddeus Young / Travis Outlaw / Al-Farouq Aminu
- Explosive athlete
- Good height at 6’8”
- Good defensive potential
- Good finisher.
- Suspect ball handling
- Mediocre outside shot
- Not a good basketball I.Q.
- Witt is not much other than an athlete at this stage, but under the right tutelage he can become a decent piece to someone’s puzzle.
- Adding a 3pt shot to his repertoire would make him a very useful player.
- Dunk contest candidate.

Larry Andrews, G, 21, Australia
Larry is the first aussie to make an impression on NBA scouts since Andrew Bogut and Patty Mills, and projects to be the best Australian guard to have ever made it to the NBA. He’s a versatile combo-guard who can do a little bit of everything.
Player type: All-around. Comparison: Stephen Curry / Rudy Fernandez / Goran Dragic
- Good mid-range game.
- Decent playmaker.
- Decent defender.
- Can do a lot of things but isn’t excellent at any one thing (apart from maybe shooting the mid-ranger).
- A bit weak.
- Doesn’t have out-of-this world upside but has quite a nice skillset that should be able to contribute to any team.

Dean Monroe, SG, 22, Missouri
Monroe is the best shooter in college basketball, and could become one of the best shooters in NBA history. Very one dimensional and has limited upside, but his shooting ability is so good he becomes a highly sought-after weapon regardless
Player type: 3pt specialist. Comparison: JJ Redick
- Elite shooter, from all over the floor. Ridiculously good. Will not miss an open shot.
- Decent offensive fundamentals
- Highly skilled
- Scores in bunches.
- A notch below everybody athletically.
- Scorers’ eyes light up when Monroe is defending them.
- Poor finisher inside.
- Monroe is a unique player with extreme strengths and extreme weaknesses. He is one of the best scoring shooters to come out in 10-20 years who has extreme confidence in his shot. If you give him even just a tiny bit of space he will pull-up and drain the shot. Very dangerous outside scorer, but has huge holes in his overall game. The team drafting him will want to play him sparingly, atleast to begin with.
- Rarely attacks the basket, almost always finds a way to shoot from outside, because if he puts up a shot, it’s almost always going in. Therefore he rarely gets to the FT line, despite being one of the best in history from there.

Karl Jackson, PF, 20, North Carolina State
Jackson is an athletic PF with some upside. He has the physical tools, but whether he can put it all together is a different story.
Player type: Athletic. Comparison: Derrick Favors / Chris Wilcox
- Great athlete.
- Good finisher
- Physical; will bully his way to the basket.
- Decent rebounder and shot blocker
- Not the highest IQ
- Not a scorer yet
- Unproven
- Jackson will be a nice bench player in his early years. Under the right tutelage he COULD become a star, but he will need heavy training.

Magnus Larsson, PF, 22, Sweden
Larsson is a typical euro shooting big man. He’s a bit soft, but he is highly skilled with good scoring instincts.
Player type: Face-up. Comparison: Andrea Bargnani / Nikoloz Tskitishvili
- Great shooter from all over the court.
- Good offensive instincts.
- Nice arsenal of moves.
- Decent athleticism for his size.
- Not a great rebounder
- Poor defender
- A bit soft; doesn’t hustle or enjoy contact.
- Will find a role in the league right away due to his ability to spread the floor. Whether or not he can become a starter in the league some day is unknown.

Anthony Swanson, C, 20, Vanderbilt
In a league where quality centers are rarity, Swanson is a coveted prospect. Though he has a long way to go, he has all the tools to become a solid starting center down the road if he applies himself. He needs to get stronger and fill his frame out, but he has great physical tools and solid fundamentals already at his age.
Player type: Rebounder. Comparison: Tyson Chandler / Solomon Jones
- Very tall and lanky
- Decent athleticism for his size.
- Gobbles up rebounds.
- Good post defender
- Can finish.
- Can’t shoot
- Not a scorer
- Needs time to develop, but should become a starter-level center down the road.

Darrell Pearson, C, 21, Tennesse
Pearson is a flashy old school type point guard.
Player type: Pass first. Comparison: Jamaal Tinsley (in his prime) / Darren Collison
- Great passer
- Good speed and quickness
- Can hit the mid range J with regularity
- Good floor general
- Lacks range
- Lacks size
- Pearson is a useful player that could become a key contributor down the road.

Ifeanyi Okocha, G, 21, Congo
The African native is an athlete with all the tools and instincts to become an elite defensive player in the future, but his offense is not polished. So extreme is his offensive rawness that he simply isn’t ready for the NBA yet.
Player type: Defensive. Comparison: Avery Bradley / Rajon Rondo without the playmaking ability
- An absolute pest on defense.
- Very quick and athletic
- Can get to the hoop and finish
- No jumpshot to speak of.
- Not ideal size for SG (6’3”) but is also a poor option to run the point.
- He will most likely spend the first half of his career riding the pine, but if someone can train his offensive skills (big task) he will become an impact player.

Zach Akindele, C, 20, Kansas
Akindele is a lean 7 foot freshman center. He’s got amazing physical tools but is still in early developmental stages.
Player type: Athletic. Comparison: DeAndre Jordan / A taller Serge Ibaka (as a rookie)
- Emphatic finisher.
- Great athleticism
- Great shot blocker
- Has significant upside
- Poor offensive instincts and skills
- Should grab more rebounds, but he’s decent.
Akindele is a dynamo on the court but is a few years away from being a rotation regular. He’s got what it takes to grow into a starter in the league some day in the right circumstance.

There are also many more players that i've created that are sprinkled throughout the draft, but you'll have to scout them yourselves. ;)
The top 45-ish players were edited by me.

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